Senior Chemistry and Biochemistry majors complete a Capstone research experience culminating in the submission of a written thesis and oral presentation at the end of semester department seminar series.

Victoria A. English, 2014 B.S. Chemistry




Anthony D. Abshire, 2015 B.S. ACS Certified Chemistry

A Mississippi native, Anthony completed the Associate of Arts degree in 2013 from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College in Perkinston. He recently earned an ACS certified B.S. degree in chemistry with a minor in mathematics in 2015. During his time in the Donahue Research Group, he investigated electrophile initiated cyclization of enynoate esters for the synthesis of alpha-pyrones to be used in the total synthesis of the Lycopodium alkaloid palhinine A.


 Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Erin C. Realini, 2016 B.S. Biochemistry

Erin is a senior Biochemistry major at Southern Miss originally from Arlington, TX. She is a certified senior pharmacy technician employed by Walgreens. After graduation her plans are to apply to graduate school in the field of medicinal chemistry.

Stephen Callahan, 2016 B.S. Biochemistry

Stephen is a senior Biochemistry major at USM. He is a current Campbell Chemistry Scholar as well as a Chemistry/Biochemistry Endowed Scholar. Stephen has a particular interest in pharmacology and the isolation of compounds from natural sources for study as potential drug candidates.